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Product Overview

TProRep Tortoise Pools are shallow, large water dishes made from strong durable resin and coated to create a smooth easy to clean hygienic surface.

They have a special shape and a low profile design to make it easy for your tortoise to get in and out of the bowl. The natural looking design will blend in well in desert, forest or tropical terrariums, vivariums and tortoise tables and will encourage natural drinking and bathing behaviours.

ProRep tortoise water pools can even double up as small snake baths and can be used with other reptiles too. The shape and weight of the ProRep resin tortoise pools means they are difficult to tip over for even the most determined tortoise, meaning less cleaning for you and added safety for your pet.

Suitable For: Desert Habitats Forest Habitats Tropical Habitats Tortoise Tables Tortoises Lizards Snakes Amphibians

Large Size (Approx. 325x 280 x 25mm)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review