Chocolate Royal (Ball) Python Female CB2022

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Royal pythons are a very robust snake with a distinctive head & slender neck. Their normal colouration is black with yellow, gold, or brown markings. The pattern may be "broken," banded or reduced in some specimens, and many exhibit varying degrees of broken dorsal striping. Going with a captive born, well established royal python is a must for making your first royal python experience a good one. These are somewhat shy snakes that fare much better in captivity when acquired from a reliable/reputable Captive Bred source.

Size: Hatchlings approximately 10"+/-. Females average 3'- 5', males average 2' - 3' when adult size. This is a species in which mature females are typically distinctly larger than the males. A 5 feet plus royal python is considered large, although lengths of 6 plus feet have been reported.

Lifespan: Royal pythons may live 40 years or more in captivity.

Colour Mutations Thus far, there have been more colour mutations discovered & created in royal pythons than in any other boid species. This particular royal is a Pastel or sometimes referred to as a Lemon Pastel. Pastels are characterised by yellow coloration that often remains distinct throughout the animal's entire lifetime. Neck striping is common as is a reduction in blushing. The pastel colouration results in fantastic combination mutations when bred with other royal morphs. Other morph variations are Albino, Bumble Bee Spider, Caramel Glow, Cinnamon Pastel, Clown, Coral Glow, Ghost Hypos, Hypermelanistic, Killer Bee Spider, Leucistic, Mojave, Melanistic, Patternless, Piebald, Platinum, Snow, Spider, Striped (genetic), Super Pastel, Woma Ball & many, many more!

Difficulty Level: Beginner. Easy, but any royal keeper must have a general knowledge of snake husbandry. Captive bred, well started royal pythons make an excellent first snake for the beginning reptile owner.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review